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In O&P, training of submissives and slaves is viewed as both an initial period of teaching and an ongoing process, similar to athletes or dancers who "keep up with their training". This is in contrast to traditional descriptions of slave training in fiction, which had more of the character of a military bootcamp, turning raw submissives into the finished product of obedient, skilled slaves in a few weeks or months.

Most skills and good habits are learnt and then kept up to scratch with practice and repetition, and the ongoing process of training goes about this in a deliberate way. This can involve a certain amount of self-training by submissives, just as an amateur marathon runner might maintain their own training programme. However, keeping up with training in a long term relationship imposes a role and obligations on dominants, as the ultimate enforcers of the standards they choose to require.

In practical terms, training involves learning and practising desired skills, and adhering to the household's structure of rules and rituals which develops and reinforces habits of obedience and eases submission in other areas.

(It has been suggested that repeatedly being confronted with rules that must be obeyed helps wear down feelings of psychological reactance.)

Other uses of training

Slave training has a long history in BDSM fiction and more recently in non-fiction books and courses. However, this model of training has typically focussed on a relatively short process of turning a raw, free individual into a trained slave ready for acquisition by a new owner.

Corset training or waist training is a way of using tight-laced corsets to progressively alter the figure, usually of a woman.

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