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Titles are often used before a name to indicate status. This is more common amongst dominants and owners, with titles such as "Master", "Mistress", "Mr", and "Sir". For submissives and property who do use titles, "slave", "boy", and "girl" are the most common.

A title prefixed to a name (e.g. "Sir Stephen", etc.) is distinct from a term of address such as "master" in "yes, master"; and from a role, such as being a master, or serving as a slave. However, both terms of address and titles are types of honorific.

There are two views on the appropriateness of using titles: first, that they are part of the individual's name and their own choice; secondly, that titles have to be conferred by someone else - for example, that "master" as a title is only granted by one's peers at the cap stage of "earning your leathers", or that "sir" and "lord" can only be inherited or granted by a monarch. These differences of opinion can raise etiquette problems, as offence can be caused by the refusal or insistence on including a title when using a person's name.

The protocol described in the Gor books is conspicuously lacking in titles connected with slave ownership -- words such as "master" or "mistress" are almost never prefixed to proper names.

The word "title" is also used to refer to Leather contests which grant a title such as International Master/slave to the winners.

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