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Term of address

A term of address is used to stress someone's status as a superior, inferior or respected peer when talking to them. Typically, terms of address are placed at the start or end of words addressed to the individual: for example, "sir" in "yes, sir".

"Master", "mistress", "sir", and "ma'am" are the most common terms of address towards dominants or owners. Towards submissives and property, "slave", "boy" and "girl" are also sometimes used to stress their status.

Some protocols also require submissives and property to address dominants other than their owner as "sir" or "ma'am", although many dominants dislike this and conflicting protocols can raise etiquette dilemmas.

A term of address is distinct from a title prefixing a name, such as "master" in "Master Example"; and from a role, such as being a master, or serving as a slave. However, both terms of address and titles are types of honorific.

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