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Subduction ("leading below") is a term borrowed from Geology and used in Enslavement to describe the process by which a slave's freedoms are stripped away. It is derived from an analogy between the slave's response to this process and earthquakes.

Strong reactions to increasing control, ie psychological reactance, are not unnatural or uncommon - in many ways they are the symptom that things that really matter to the slave are being controlled. That does not excuse disobedience, but it can give clues that they are suitable for enslavement even when they are letting themself and their dominant down by acting up.

This whole process of increasing control is analogous to the plates in the earth's crust sliding past each other. One of the sea bed plates slides under the continental crust by "subduction". Sometimes this goes smoothly, and you don't notice it going under. But other times it sticks and there's no progress being made. The pressure builds up and up until there's a violent earthquake. It's all very disruptive and fraught at the time, but afterwards everyone sees that a big chunk of the plate has gone under in one huge movement.

Enslavement is frequently like that: sometimes blockages and then earthquakes happen, but the slave is always further on afterwards.

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