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Slave Training

Slave Training is a frequent motif in Master/slave fiction, but has been a vague concept in the BDSM scene and M/s subcultures where it can mean anything from an SM session to a process similar to Internal Enslavement. In O&P, the term training refers both to the initial instillation of the dominant's preferred attitudes and behaviours, and the ongoing process of maintaining the submissive's mindfulness and adherence to the dominant's preferences.

In fiction

Slave Training houses are frequently used settings in The Story of O, the Gor books, and Laura Antoniou's Marketplace series. These houses typically offer formal training programmes, turning formerly free and independent people into obedient slaves, skilled in the arts of service. The island resort setting of Exit to Eden also constitutes one large training environment.

All these training programmes appear to be structured rather like a military boot-camp, with periods of intense instruction and practice in various skills, mixed with indoctrination about the slave's new role and purpose in life.

In reality

The very concise "Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual" was an attempt at setting out practical advice with the flavour of the fictional slave training scenarios. However, it and the subsequent "Training With Miss Abernathy" largely focussed on elements of service (eg learning how to arrange a good sock drawer) rather than anything specific to Master/slave relationships.

More realistically, organised slave training weekends such as Master Taino's Training Academy offer orientation, practical teaching, and one-to-one counselling sessions for those starting out on this path.

Finally, theories of Master/slave relationships (such as Internal Enslavement) can be used as the basis of slave training, as can the O&P concept of ongoing training.

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