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Slave mode

The system of slave modes was introduced by the BEST slave training website and is a mechanism to manage protocol in a 24/7 M/s relationship. At any given time, the slave is considered to be in a particular slave mode. Each slave mode is associated with a specific set of rules. The slave may be changed to a different mode on command. A change may also occur automatically in certain contexts, such as entering a vanilla situation. The original system described on the BEST site has 3 modes the strict 'Slave Mode', the more relaxed 'Service Mode', and the 'At Ease' mode, primarily used for vanilla situations. However, it is possible to devise any number of protocol schemes around this type of framework.

The practical advantage of this type of approach is that it enables the adoption of sophisticated and potentially very strict high protocols in a manner that is automatically and unambiguously compatible with the mundane requirements of everyday life.

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