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The actions that comprise serving a dominant, owner, or master. Often those thinking about service talk about such things as preparing and serving food, cleaning, gardening, and other forms of labor. Or they may talk about highly stylized forms of service (for example, the Japanese Tea Ceremony, serving at formal occasions, or other activities). Technically, everything done to fulfill the requirements or desires of a master is considered service. In this respect, activities such as working at a conventional job where the proceeds go to the owner can be considered service as well.


A slave or submissive is said to be "service-oriented" if the slave has a strong drive to serve his/her owner or others. Often this is used to differentiate slaves who have other primary motivations to seek enslavement (for example control-oriented) from those who are service- oriented.

In Service (or in service to)

A tagline used by submissives and slaves to indicate that they are involved in a M/s or D/s relationship. When used, its connotation indicates that the submissive or slave sees his/her relationship as a service-oriented relationship.

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