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Sadomasochistic Paradox

The Sadomasochistic Paradox derives from the apparently contradictory nature of masochism, when masochism refers to wanting, enjoying, or liking that which you do not want, enjoy or like. Sadists who enjoy inflicting such experiences on masochists, or dominants who inflict them on masochistic submissives for some other reason, are also drawn into this by questions like "How can I hurt someone who enjoys anything that hurts?"

The resolution of the apparent paradox is that masochists like and dislike physically (or emotionally) painful experiences in different parts of their brain and psyche. For example, they may lust after an experience and beg for it while driven by their more instinctive, sexual desires, while their more conscious thoughts are silently screaming that it will hurt. As the experience approaches, the conscious mind comes to the fore but by then it is too late, and they either bail out with a safeword or in the Consensual Nonconsent (CNC) common in O&P, must endure the experience. In fact, being made to go through with intense experiences is a common reason why masochistic submissives seek out relationships involving Consensual Nonconsent.

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