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Roissy protocol

The first chapter of Story of O describes O's introduction to the Chateau de Roissy and the society which runs it. O is subject to the chateau's strict high protocol, which this article summarises as a protocol schema.


Three classes are present at Roissy: male masters, male valets and female slaves.

Masters are members of the Roissy society, and O's owner, Rene, is a member of this class. Whilst each owner retains ultimate authority over his slave, she is subject to the commands of the other masters and is sexually available to them all. As O is told on her first night, "You are here to serve your masters."

The valets are employees of the society, and wear a uniform similar to a theatre usher: jacket, waistcoat, frill-shirt, and breeches. Valets carry out any punishments which the masters do not wish to inflict personally, and are responsible for chaining the slaves at night in their rooms. The valets have the keys to the doors of these rooms, and may make use of the slaves in their set of rooms. However, valets do not have the status of masters, and give their instructions to the slaves in the form of polite requests.

None of the women at Roissy have any of the keys, and each owner's slaves are also subject to the commands of the other masters, as symbolised by the skeleton keys for all the doors, padlocks, collars and bracelets which each master possesses. They are also subject to the instructions of the valets.

Dress and symbols

During the daytime, the female slaves wear a costume similar to eighteenth century chambermaids: a whalebone bodice, which raises the breasts and is very tight at the waist; a starched linen petticoat; an ample gown with an open neck which reveals the raised breasts unless partially hidden by a thin gauze. They are not permitted to wear stockings, and must always sit with their bare flesh in contact with the material of their seat. They wear thick-soled high-heel clogs or mules, with only a single band of satin across the foot. Sections of the skirt can be lifted and worn tucked into the belt, exposing whatever parts of the lower body the masters wish to be exposed.

Each woman is fitted with snug, locking, leather bracelets and a leather collar, which require a key to open. Both bracelets and collar have metal rings which allow them to be used as restraints.

(The famous iron finger ring is only given to O on leaving Roissy.)

Speech rules

The women are not permitted to speak in the presence of men, both masters and valets.


The female slaves are not permitted to meet the gaze of masters or valets, and not look higher than their waist. They must also concentrate on their duties and behave submissively (meeting the gaze, thoughtlessness or insubmissiveness are punished with whippings.) Their duties include sweeping, replacing books in the library, arranging flowers, waiting on tables, serving coffee and liqueurs, and tending fires. Slaves must respond immediately to the first word or gesture from a master and make themselves available, stopping in the middle of another task if necessary. This availability must be borne in mind constantly, and to emphasize the idea of their constant openness, they may not cross their legs, close their lips fully, press their knees together or otherwise block an open path to their vulvas.

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