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O&P is an abbreviation for Ownership and Possession and is intended as a overarching term for many of types of M/s (ie Ownership) and some types of D/s (ie Possession) relationship.

O&P is an attempt to create a "broad church" approach to this subject, free of some of the problems inherent in the existing terms. For example, some people pursuing relationships which could easily be described as M/s dislike the term "slave", and are unsure if M/s groups and forums are appropriate for them.

The scope of O&P is defined by the O&P Manifesto, under the headings Possession, Ownership, Consent, Responsibility, Respect, House, Service, Dignity, Authenticity, and Rituals.

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Possession. Ownership. Consent. Responsibility. Respect. House. Service. Dignity. Authenticity. Rituals.

O&P (Ownership & Possession) is a new structure built from familiar D/s and M/s concepts, defined by the O&P Manifesto.

There is an O&P discussion group on Fetlife.

The O&P Wiki contains articles about O&P and related D/s, M/s, and BDSM topics.

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