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Marking slaves

Tattoos and brands offer an alternative to the slave collar, as a way of marking property as owned.

SLRN markings

The Register allows slaves to obtain a lifelong Registration Number, which can remain unchanged even if the slave's name is changed by future owners. Since the Registration Number is associated with the slave rather than the relationship, it may be used to avoid the taboo against relationship specific body modifications (ie a tattoo of the Registration Number marks the bearer as a slave or submissive, not as a particular owner's slave.)

As an example, a slave owner may enjoy marking their property's body, collar etc with the slave's Registration Number, safe in the knowledge that this identifies them as a slave and allows third parties to determine the slave's owner using this number and the Register entry. This provides a measure of third party acknowledgement of their bond and can make the slave's condition feel more inescapable and therefore more complete.

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The Slave Register's Ritual web board is a good place to discuss issues relating to marking slaves and submissives.

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