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Limits Paradox

The Limits Paradox refers to the way previously unthinkable activities which are stated by submissives as limits can become activities they find highly arousing and desirable if their initial revulsion or fear is overcome.

It is important to note that this does not apply to all limits and that the way in which revulsion or fear is overcome can greatly affect whether their attitude to the activity changes. Hamfisted attempts to simply force the activity on the submissive can instead lead to reinforcement of the negative feelings.

The resolution of the apparent paradox is that activities are both highly undesirable or highly desirable because they carry great psychological weight. If you consider a masochistic submissive with a fear of being strangled, they may initially consider being held by the neck to be a limit, even a hard limit. But over time if they feel safe enough to try neck play, then the intense fear associated with the activity can make it highly arousing and even enjoyable.

These feelings are also often manifestations of the Sadomasochistic Paradox of liking what you do not like.

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