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Five banding

The practice of five banding, or saying that a slave is five banded, involves wearing locked restraints on the neck and all four limbs - for example, a collar, bracelets and anklets - and signifies the complete subjugation of the slave.

The term was popularised by Sharon Green's Terrillian Warrior series of books. For example, near the start of "The Warrior Challenged":

Sharon Green wrote:
I looked down at the bronze bands on my wrists and ankles, feeling the one around my neck even if I couldn't see it, knowing they were all beyond a woman's strength to open. The light, small-linked chains marked me as Tammad's property, his beyond argument or offer. I hated being locked in chain; to me it was a measure of things on that world that being five-banded was the highest distinction a woman could achieve.

The Gorean siriks described by John Norman can be thought of as five-banding cuffs linked by chain.

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