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Exit to Eden

"Exit to Eden" is a novel by Anne Rice, initially published in 1985 under the pen name Anne Rampling, but subsequently under Rice's name.

Plot summary

Lisa Kelly manages an isolated BDSM resort called The Club that offers its high-end clients an exclusive setting in which they can experience the life of a Master or Mistress. Prospective sex slaves, paid at the end of their term at Eden (which varies from six months to two years), are presented at auctions by the most respected Trainers from across the world. As Head Female Trainer and co-founder Kelly gets first pick of the new slaves, and chooses Elliot Slater - with whom she shares an immediate and undeniable chemistry that intensifies throughout their time together, eventually resulting in love.

1994 film version

A film version, "Exit To Eden" was produced in 1994 starring Dana Delany and Paul Mercurio in the roles of Elliot and Lisa, but was heavily rewritten by the studio as a buddy-cop comedy, using new characters played by Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O'Donnell. The film was almost universally panned by critics and Rice publicly disassociated herself from the production.

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