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Estate protocol

The Estate website has gone through several versions during the early 2000s has outlined some of the service training ideas of its authors, Flagg, Soulhuntre and SirC.

Although the website is very incomplete, the three authors contributions do contain enough information to fill out a composite protocol schema.


The two basic classes are dominants and submissives, with a hierarchy of status between dominants which determines some aspect of submissives' behaviour towards different dominants.

Dress and symbols

No dress codes are laid down, although wearing a dominant's collar is used as a symbol of that dominant's authority over the submissive. Collars are also used figuratively ("worthy of a collar") to represent the privilege of service.

Speech rules

A protocol for introductions is laid out, based on the status of the participants and also conveying information in their involvement in BDSM.

(This idea of conveying information through the form of introduction is rather like the Mafia-aware ("connected") and Mafia-member ("made") protocol described in Donnie Brasco: 'When I introduce you, I'm gonna say, "This is a friend of mine." That means you're a connected guy. Now, if I said instead, "This is a friend of ours," that would mean you're a made guy. Capiche?')


Flagg gives the following outlines for low, medium and high protocols:

Low protocol:

Used in vanilla and informal situations.

Medium protocol:

For most public BDSM scene environments, and during play scenes.

High protocol:

Normally used for short periods or during longer punishments.

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