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A person who prefers to be superior in a D/s relationship, being obeyed, served, and pleased by their submissive partner. Dominant is the broadest term in the dominant / master / owner orientation. All masters or mistresses are dominants and all who describe themselves as owning property are dominants but not all dominants are masters / mistresses or owners of property. Self-describing as a dominant does not necessarily mean that the person already has a submissive. Instead, dominant describes a preference for taking the dominant role in a relationship, and operates as a type of self-description or self-advertisement.

The everyday definition of the word "dominant" is: "commanding, controlling, or prevailing over all others" (Merriam-Webster). The D/s use of the word dominant differs from the everyday definition of dominant in the following ways:

In the wider BDSM scene, dominant is often used in place of the more correct word "top" for the active participant in bondage, flogging and other forms of physical BDSM.

Differences between dominants and owners

When discussiong M/s and ownership, dominant is often used in contrast to the term master or owner, mainly due to the differing connotations of the corresponding terms submissive and slave.

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