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Domestic Discipline

Domestic Discipline, or simply DD, is discipline (the enforcement of order, usually by punishment for infringement of rules applied) in a domestic context, normally between members of a household.

In the generally voluntary context of adult relationships, it is specifically applied to the practice of interspousal discipline, in BDSM and some similar relationship styles, frequently with an emphasis on spanking as a punishment. Practitioners often argue that domestic discipline is distinct from both domestic abuse, and activities such as erotic spanking and BDSM-style dominance and submission.

Ideally, DD is the loving, consistent use of discipline as a positive way to enhance communication, deepen intimacy and reinforce relationship commitment. The discipline would normally include physical punishment but centres around rules of behaviour laid down by one party and nominally agreed to by the other.

It is often seen as a stylised form of traditional relationship intended to help the woman overcome negative behaviours that harm herself, her relationship or others. In creating loving limits to her behaviour and firm consequences for harmful activities, it aims to improve the relationship over time and demonstrates a loving connection to and physical correction from a caring partner.

Commonly in a heterosexual relationship, the disciplined is the woman and the disciplinary is the man but this need not be the case, see the Disciplinary Wives Club.

Switching is unusual in a DD relationship though it does occur.

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