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Objectification, dehumanisation and depersonalisation are a set of related concepts involving the removal or denial of some of the qualities usually associated with being free, adult, and human.

For example, Slave Registration Numbers involve an element on depersonalisation by providing an anonymous but unique number with which to refer to a slave without using a name.

Objectification as a fetish

Fetishistic objectification is the sexualised act of regarding a person as an object for erotic purposes. Allen Jones' sculptures ''Hat Stand'' and ''Table Sculpture'', made in 1969, which show semi-naked women in the roles of furniture, are clear examples of the depiction of the fantasy of sexual objectification. (This particular interest, a form of bondage that involves making furniture designed to incorporate a bound person, is also known as "forniphilia".)

A desire to be objectified occurs in many men and women's masochistic sexual fantasies. Objectification for fetishistic purposes may provide erotic humiliation for the person so regarded, whether male or female. As with most sexual activities, it is generally viewed as abusive if it is not part of a consensual arrangement, such as in BDSM play.

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