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Begging in O&P relationships is a very submissive way of asking for something that acknowledges that the dominant has the choice about whether to say yes or no. Begging often involves using cues that imply a difference in status and make the submissive appear vulnerable (vulnerable to the reply "no" about something they obviously really want in particular.) Those cues seem to connect to some subconscious part of humans being begged to, whether the response is mercy or just a sadistic smile.

As everything in a slave's life is a privilege, all requests by a slave are implicitly or explicitly a type of begging, as they are from a position of vulnerability rather than control. For this reason, the ability to beg well is something for slaves to cultivate so they can present their desires appropriately and increase the chance those requests are granted.

"Begging 101"

In a weblog post, Tanos gave the following recipe for begging:

For example:

"Please Brer Fox, don't throw me in the briar patch! Please! I'm begging you, sir, please! The briars will tear me to pieces, please don't Brer Fox, please. I know I've always tricked you and I don't deserve anything but the briars, but please have mercy, sir! I begging on my knees. Please!" etc etc.

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