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Ancient European Houses myth

The Ancient European Houses myth is an internet phenomenon, in which claims are made about the existence of secret BDSM training houses in Europe which have existed for hundreds of years.


The late Tammad Rimilia's account of presentation in Baltimore about one such European House includes many of the key aspects:

The presenter claimed that there are "dozens" of different Families or Houses of D/S in and around Europe, and that the oldest one has been in continuous operation for 1300 years. ...

The smallest Houses only train 3 charges at a time, the largest House has 300 charges in training simultaneously. The full course of training for a charge takes several years, and is then updated on a continuing basis. ...

The presenter indicated that his House was one of the smaller ones, yet their main residence (which they own) where the Patriarch and dozens of Masters and charges live, is a full-city-block somewhere around Amsterdam, and that they also own various other free-standing houses and flats in England and the USA.


It is likely that the chateau of Roissy in The Story of O, and the training houses of Laura Antoniou's Marketplace series have inspired the original versions of these myths.

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