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A school of M/s philosophy possibly founded by J Mikail Togneri and popularised on his Yahoo Groups mailing list, AbsoluteBDSM. The group introduction read as follows:

"This list caters specifically to those for whom BDSM is an absolute lifestyle. Not a kink, not a role-playing game, not something that we do as often as "real life" allows, not another "flavour"; but a lifestyle in the purest sense of the term, the very foundation of all that we do and everything that we are. Dominance and submission are either total and unconditional, or inexistent. A dominant who is limited in the use of his/her slave is not a dominant; a slave who has influence on the relationship is not a slave. This list welcomes anyone who identifies with the absolutist world-view"

Ownership of the group was passed to Flagg and Soulhuntre, and on 23rd January 2005 the group was renamed Absolute_Dynamic in response to Yahoo's actions against groups mentioning "BDSM" in their names or descriptions. The message archive of Absolute_Dynamic still includes the posts from the AbsoluteBDSM period.

"Absolute Power Exchange" was also a term frequently used by Jon Jacobs in preference to Total Power Exchange.

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