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6 Jan 07   "The Story of O" revisited
I first read Story of O in 1993 and at the time I didn't really like it - certainly not its BDSM themes. I could see it was capital-L Literature, and I'd read enough modern fairy tales and fables to read between the lines, but to be honest, I was indifferent to it. I reread it twice over the years with no change in how I felt, although I did start to notice some astute observations and quotable passages. [more...]
24 Oct 06   "Why men rule: a theory of male dominance" by Steven Goldberg
I thought I'd write a short review of "Why men rule", since I've just finished it. It deals with the unpopular truth in sociology: as Goldberg says "this book attempts to demonstrate and explain the universality (the presence in every society that has ever existed) of three institutions: 1. patriarchy: males occupy the overwhelming numbers of upper hierarchical positions; 2. male attainment, the association of high-status roles - whichever they happen to be in any given society - with males; and 3. male dominance, the association of dominance in [more...]
11 Sep 06   OwnershipFlag.com
Today www.OwnershipFlag.com went live, to publicise the ownership flag and the ownership icons that I posted about in July. The site includes image files in a wide range of sizes, that can be freely used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
17 Jul 06   Ownership Icons
Today (Sunday) I put a page of ownership icons online on The Slave Register, and added them to the TSR system so people can show them on their web board posts (so far - other places in the system to follow.) I think they might be more generally useful too, since we don't really have symbols for this kind of thing amongst the various flags and signs that BDSM/Leather has acquired. [more...]
26 Feb 06   Themes in Household D/s
This is my second draft essay about my personal style of D/s, which I'm calling "Household D/s." Last month I dealt with Roles in HDS, and here I provide a brief overview of some other themes that I keep in mind. [more...]
20 Feb 06   "The economic case for polygamy"
An "economic" analysis of polygyny has appeared on Slate, written by Tim Harford for the FT earlier this month. He makes the point that polygyny is really a way for wives to get "high status" husbands (ie husbands with access to something that people value - wealth, fame, skill etc), even if it means sharing them: "wives decided they'd prefer one-quarter of a billionaire." This is about the economics of status and desirability, not really about money itself: so it applies to being a film star, or a good father, or [more...]
20 Jan 06   Roles in Household D/s
This is the first draft of an essay about Household D/s, which explains how a household is built up with different roles. [more...]
16 Jan 06   Commercial vs Domestic Slavery
Discussion of the "slave" in BDSM is heavily influenced by American historical slavery. This is partly due to the prominence of the various US scenes, which have the Old South as part of their national history. The power of the US in vanilla culture also plays a part, with depictions such as "Roots", "Amistad" and "Cold Mountain" all promoting a view of the slave as downtrodden, abused and undervalued. [more...]
21 Jul 05   Social Dominance and Attractiveness (again)
This month Nature and The Economist have both had interesting summaries of a paper about male social dominance and attractiveness during the menstrual cycle: the more dominant men were more attractive while the women tested were ovulating, but not during the rest of the month. Yet more evidence for the connection between male sexual attractiveness and social dominance, and mediated by pheromones in this case.
13 Jul 05   The Slave Register
The Slave Register (TSR) has undergone it's second major upgrade in the last three weeks. TSR now has personal ads, web boards, pictures, memos and networks (just like Informed Consent) alongside the profiles and certificates it's always had. [more...]

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