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16 Jan 08   The Desire for Purpose
Recently I've got interested in general motivations: what is the most general framework for why people do things? Are people following specific drives imposed by evolution, or is there some universal, such as Nietzsche's claim that everyone's motivation is The Will to Power. But how can that be true in a world with consensual submissives? [more...]
17 Apr 07   "The Control Book" by Peter Masters
Peter Masters had an outline of this book on his website since the early 2000s and if you're really curious some of these versions are still there on the Internet Archive site. However, he's now produced a printed edition, published by Jack Rinella in March 2007, and this review is based on that expanded version. [more...]
11 Apr 07   Slave Training
I've been thinking about training this week, partly to write the Slave Training article for the Ownership Wiki. Like the word "slave" itself it has a wide range of uses, from the profound (as another term for enslavement) to the ridiculous (for paid SM sessions with a dominatrix.) I've avoided using the term in the past because of its vagueness, but I'd now like to put these two words to work with a plausible definition. [more...]
6 Apr 07   Review of "Master Nage's Guide to Training"
I've been away this week and took the opportunity to read Nage's book. It's one of a sudden flurry of M/s books which have appeared in the last couple of years. I think it's clear that it's the weakest of the current crop but I'm going to try to highlight the good points as well as the rest. [more...]
25 Mar 07   Obedience dynamics
In this post, I'd like to tie together the various concepts and terms that surround obedience in Master/slave and Ownership relationships. Words like resistance, reactance, discipline, rules, submission, and obedience refer to different parts of the puzzle, but don't have well-defined boundaries, and I'd like to suggest a consistent set of definitions and some new ideas to help visualise the various processes of obedience. [more...]
2 Mar 07   The Women Who Take Their Mate as a Master
In 1992 "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Chattel" was published by Wilson and Daly as part of "The Adapted Mind", a collection of papers which established Evolutionary Psychology as a new way of looking at the mind in terms of evolution, and attempting to identify which aspects are the result of an evolved human nature. These evolved psychological mechanisms each made a contribution to survival and reproduction in the environment in which humans evolved, although many are no longer useful or even wanted by modern humans. Wilson and Daly's paper argued that one of these adaptations is that men [more...]
24 Feb 07   Review of "Evolutionary Psychiatry" by Stevens and Price
This week I finished Evolutionary Psychiatry by Anthony Stevens and John Price. I've had this book since it came out in 2004, but up to now I'd only read the Sadomasochism chapter and some of the introductory material. Now that I'm getting interested in evolutionary models for Internal Enslavement again, I decided to read it in full - not least because they discuss social rank and dominance in detail as part of their attempt to explain some psychiatric problems. [more...]
25 Jan 07   The Transferability of Ownership
The sale of slaves is one of the recurring themes of BDSM fiction and many people's fantasies, and it's raised from time to time in the ownership subculture: How can the ownership of slaves be transferred? Can they be sold? And even, where can they be bought? I don't believe this is really possible, and I'd like to explain my reasoning about the issue. [more...]
24 Jan 07   "The Ties that Bind" by Vanessa Duries
"Le Lien" ("The Bond" or "The Link") is an autobiographical account of a BDSM relationship by Frenchwoman Vanessa Duries. Following it's publication in 1993, she shot to fame and notoriety, and even appeared on French television, before dying in a car crash in the December of the same year, at the age of 21. I had high hopes based on reviews of the French original, but I'm quite disappointed. [more...]
13 Jan 07   Entitlement
One of the most interesting aspects of my relationship with lili is the way we revisit ideas from previous years in a new light or with new clarity. In the year since popi joined my household, one of the concepts we've been trying to turn into words is what we now call "Entitlement". This started as an idea to guide property, but over the holidays I realised that it also gave a name to an important idea for owners too. Yesterday, the word cropped up on the "Narcissism and D/s" thread on The Slave Register, and so I'm going to try to explain how we use that word now, and distinguish it from narcissistic [more...]

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