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Future O&P Opens in Manchester

Posted by Tanos on Sun 19 Dec 10, 6:10 PM

This month's O&P Open in Manchester went so well at Taurus that we're going to move to a regular pattern of alternate months, starting in February. In particular, the venue are fully aware of what we're about (they repost the announcements I make on Facebook on their wall!) and very supportive, and the private room has a lot of potential.

SM Dykes also used to use the room for their meetings, including demos and workshops, and so there could be scope for fitting in meetings like that in the intervening months, or indeed having the O&P Opens every month if the interest is sufficient in the future.

Due to an existing booking of the room every month, we're moving to the third Saturday of those alternate months: starting with Sat 19th February 2011, 1pm to 5pm.

Edited Sun 19 Dec 10, 6:12 PM

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