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Posted by Tanos on Wed 3 Nov 10, 12:33 AM

I came across a very kind link from the Slave to Bondage website today, which I found in a very roundabout way :)

I was listening to the Shibaricon edition of Graydancer's Ropecast podcast the other day. (I know, I know, I don't do rope, but it's interesting all the same.) One of the interviews was with Damon Pierce, and he talked briefly about his 7+ year M/s relationship with his slave, Claire Adams.

I've been a fan of Claire's since she appeared on Insex, and her subsequent CV is a Who's Who of BDSM photoshoot sites. Last year she did two interviews for the Ropecast, the second of which talked a little about her relationship with her owner.

In this year's Shibaricon item, Damon Pierce explained that his site Slave to Bondage tries to bring out the feelings of submission in the bondage models. This isn't at all easy to do, and photoshoot sites often just go for how it looks, and if they aim for realism, it's usually realistic responses to heavy SM or bondage, with the model in a largely passive or reactive role.

I had a closer look today, and came across this gratifying mention on their blog: The Ownership Flag, 3 Jan 2010: "This is something I found a long time ago and hope it gets more notice in our community."

The Ownership flag and icons, as symbols for Ownership & Possession, have been long running "sleepers", gradually gaining in recognition and appearing on profiles and discussions on Facebook, Fetlife, etc, in shops selling merchandise, and occasionally used by groups as a basis for logos.

(The flag billboard "photo" is a bit of fun made with www.photofunia.com after a pointer from Poppy_Scarlet on IC. Also from PhotoFunia, her "The Future" gets my vote as the most cunningly surreal image on the site!)

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