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"when i have abused my freedom"

Posted by Tanos on Tue 13 Apr 04, 4:56 PM to the Internal Enslavement blog

Bondage is a source of wonderful metaphors for D/s, and the captivity aspect of bondage is D/s turned into a physical barrier. Cages are probably the most commonly used captivity tool in BDSM, and in a recent thread on bondage.com, phylassia posted a little gem that I'd like to share: "i see being caged ... as a place for punishment, to be confined when i have abused my freedom."

I think that perfectly captures the recognition that everything in a slave's life is a privilege, and that disobedience is fundamentally an abuse of a freedom - a privilege which can be withdrawn.

phylassia's post, which mentions other aspects of caging in addition to punishment, is at http://bondage.com/TOPIC_ID/77053/p/3/forums/top...

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