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2 Nov 13   Training notes
I've written out these notes as an overview of what the training of submissives in my household involves. They are not intended as required reading by submissives, although they do not reveal anything they should not know. The notes are deliberately personal, and are not intended as instructions in The Right Way to train submissives. They were written out purely for my own reference and as more background when I refer to my own style of training in discussions. If you're curious, they can be read at www.tanos.org.uk/training.
30 Sep 13   Manchester O&P Open, Sat 30 Nov 2013
The next O&P Open will take place in the Taurus Bar in central Manchester on Saturday 30th November from 1-5pm, for an afternoon of roundtable discussion about O&P-M/s-D/s topics. For more details please see the event listing on FetLife, and the discussion thread on the O&P group.
22 Sep 13   The Sadomasochistic and the Limits paradoxes
I've just added articles to the O&P Wiki about the Sadomasochistic Paradox (people liking things they don't like) and about the Limits Paradox (unthinkable limits can become huge turn-ons over time.) [more...]
5 Sep 13   What O&P means to me
I got thinking about O&P and its place in my life last night. I couldn't put my finger on what it was; is it something i am, something i do, something that is done to me or something else...? [more...]
29 Jul 13   Manchester O&P Open, Sat 28th Sept 2013
The next O&P Open will take place in Taurus Bar in central Manchester on Saturday 28th Sept from 1-5pm. For more details please see SecretSmile101's event listing on FetLife, and her discussion thread on the O&P group.
9 Mar 13   Two weeks to the O&P Open, Manchester, 23 Mar 2013
Another O&P Open will be held in Manchester on Saturday 23rd March from 1-5pm. It'll be in the usual place in the downstairs room of Taurus Bar, 1 Canal Street, M1 3HE. [more...]
7 Mar 13   UK M/s event in Spring 2014 with Raven Kaldera
reva on FetLife is organising an event in the Spring of 2014 with Raven Kaldera and his slave Joshua: [more...]
10 Dec 12   The Octagram
One of my aims in posting all the paintings on Odalisques.com and FetLife, encouraging other people to post ones like they too, and creating the Odalisques group was to find useful ideas in amongst all this deeply attractive material. Useful in terms of real-life D/s-M/s-O&P relationships. On the Odalisques.com site is the Octagram - an eight-point distillation of key themes from this Odalisquian world which embodies this aim. [more...]
10 Sep 12   O&P Open, Manchester, 24th November 2012
secretsmile_101 has announced the date of the next O&P Open discussion afternoon in Manchester, and posted details on Informed Consent and on FetLife.
13 Jul 12   Perceptions of O&P and the P
@secretsmile_101 started threads about "Perceptions of O&P and the P" on the IC O&P group and on the FetLife O&P group earlier this week and they've both had some interesting responses.

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Possession. Ownership. Consent. Responsibility. Respect. House. Service. Dignity. Authenticity. Rituals.

O&P (Ownership & Possession) is a new structure built from familiar D/s and M/s concepts, defined by the O&P Manifesto.

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